Our Approach

CJ Evans

A diamond in the rough describes this artist-engineer fairly well. Encouraged to be creative from a young age, working as an engineer never really occurred to be a prospect until well later in life.

Much in the way that the amount of work put out by an object can be the same regardless of the path taken, the overall endgame for CJ has brought about a nuanced perspective in her chosen engineering discipline of medical devices.

An artist from a young age, she was also very practical. Joining the Marine Corps out of high school, she became a Ground Communications technician, which basically means that she became proficient in fixing communication gear, such as telephones, radios, cables, and switchboards.

Upon leaving the Corps, she returned to her love of art, getting a BFA in special effects. However, a desire to make fantasy into reality helped to spur a drive that sent her back to school to get a Master's in Engineering for Medical Devices.

Our Story


Every person has a story. How much does a person share? What emotional response does one want to get from their readers? A story of triumph? A story of hardship?

Life is what it is. We don't get to choose how or where we come into this world. We only get to choose how we navigate it with the tools that we are given. In some cases, we get the best of the best tools, but in most, they are just average. In some, they are poor and shoddy. But, I think that the ability to improve the tools we have is what makes us human. We can turn that which could be said to be made of the worst of materials and turn it into something made out of gold and diamond.

That is what I strive to do. I am taking what I have, and step by step, turning my fairly average tools into something truly unique and remarkable. I will not give out a story of hardship, or a story of triumph. But I will tell you of my journey.

A destination is important in every journey, but it is in the journey itself that we are forged into what we become. Into what we choose to be. I cannot say where my journey will lead me to in the end; I can only say what milestones I have passed, and what milestones I aim for. How I get there, I suppose is the most interesting part.